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Jul 21, 2009

Wisdom of the Prairie Monk at Meadowbrook Park

Here are some links to video snippets by Kristen at with Dave talking about different aspects of the prairie at Meadowbrook Park. Please fee free to share these links and to find these spaces at the park. Enjoy.

1. Death By Morning Glory

2. Secrets of the Mulberry

3. Did You See That Deer

4. Bitter Southern Coffee

5. Monk at Meadowbrook

6. Monk Thumbnails in the Herb Garden

7. Mystery Colony A Rose By Any Name

8. A Stones Throw Well Taken

9. The New Bridge

10. 10 Years to Cordgrass

11. 45lb Tap Roots & New Jersey Tea

12. Curiosity Killed The Deer

13. Native Bees & Prairie bugs

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