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Sep 11, 2011

Prairie loss


The prairie at the Illini Prairie Rest Stop at Pesotum is being replaced by sewerage sludge races. We are suggesting that the races be re-located to an alternative farmland site. The not-very- ambient sewer races will end up close to the rest stop picnic grounds. Re-location of the site would save the prairie and maintain public contact with the prairie which was the original intent of the rest stop prairie implementers some thirty years ago.

Moving six inches of prairie without its deep roots, and at this time of the year, will be a disaster. Mowing has already removed valuable prairie seed that has not yet reached harvest peak. Removal of the remnant transplants and soils will destroy micro-organisms that are thousands of year old and irreplaceable. The indiscriminate incorporation of weed species including Burr Dock will be devastating to any future prairie development. The lack of notification concerned citizens and groups leaves us non-plussed and sets up a precedence for the destruction of similar sites. We continue to ask the Dpt.of Transportation for a hold on this project its relocation to the south. Contact Ann Schneider, Secretary for Transportation (C/-

Dave Monk Heartland pathways 840 1911 351 1911

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